Use Some Rose-Water Prepared At Home To Boost Your Chances Of Competing In The Next Beauty Pageant

Use Some Rose-Water Prepared At Home To Boost Your Chances Of Competing In The Next Beauty Pageant

Did you know that something as simple as a rose can add tons of beauty to you, and you might even get a chance to compete in a beauty pageant next year? The power of rose-water to make the skin more attractive with a glow has been harnessed for centuries, and you could try it out too. You have to prepare some rose-water first.

For this, be sure to get a handful of rose-petals from your nursery. The source of the petals is not important, but what is important is to get some rose-petals that are free from  the use of pesticides or chemicals.

The best time to do this is going to be when the sun peeps up into the horizon. Let the morning dew on the rose-petals evaporate first before you go for them.

For the preparation of rose-water, you are supposed to collect only rose-petals. The stem or the leaves of roses are not going to be of any use.

Wash the rose-petals thoroughly with water. Make sure no form of dirt or any other pollutant or chemical remains on the rose-petals. This way, you can get rid of any bugs or insects that might have found refuge on the rose-petals.

Use distilled water in a large pot to soak them. Immerse them completely in the pot of distilled water. Use water just enough to immerse the petals, not more.

Use a lid to cover the pot. Use a low-flame to heat the distilled water with the rose-petals. 

Wait till the petals have lost their colour completely. The water must be completely red with the colour of the rose-petals. Some rose-oil can be seen floating on the surface of the water.

Strain the oil from the water.


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